2014 bathroom design review

2014 bathroom design review

With the year drawing to a close, it seems an appropriate time to re-cap Pivotech’s 2014 bathroom design journey.

From black bathrooms to white, key interior investments and designs for the elderly, Pivotech has just about covered it all. For anyone renovating, building or just in love with bathroom interiors, this is the ultimate design review. Catch up on design blogs you missed, re-live your favourite submissions, and above all else, please enjoy and be inspired.

2014 in bathroom design

How to master the black bathroom trend

When incorporated thoughtfully, black has the power to transform an understated bathroom into a real feature space. Black can convert your bathroom from beige and boring to chic and Zen. The  success of black in a bathroom all comes down to having the right design tool kit to ensure you don’t over, or under do it. Any bold decorating trend will always have some rules. Black is never going to work for you if you apply it across every surface. When working with black you must carefully select the area or areas of application, and use other surface textures and colours as compliments … read on


How to make your bathroom an oasis

Spa retreats are amazing places to visit. Their designs are thoughtfully calculated to maximise your experience. Warm colours, smooth surfaces, exotic aromas and flattering light forces you to slow down, relax and take some time for yourself. Few people would deny the pleasure of a pampering experience, so why not bring a little indulgent lush into your own home … read on

bathroom design ideas

Make your bathroom bigger on the inside

It sounds impossible. How can something be bigger on the inside? Literally speaking, it is impossible. You can’t physically make your bathroom bigger on the inside.  When it comes to small bathrooms, it’s about creating the illusion of space. Few homes are blessed with an indulgent allocation of bathroom space. If a small bathroom is your reality, you have two options. You can live with poor spatial allocation and day dream about the day you build your dream home, or you can roll up your sleeves start to play with the space … read on


The industrial bathroom

For 2014, this trend is set to be one of the biggest for home renovators and designers. Brassy surfaces, raw materiality, and exposed services, will transform the bathroom into a dynamic and intriguing space. No other room is as suited to this trend. There is no denying the unique romance evoked by the industrial revolution, and industrial style products available today. Juxtapose classic charm and old world chic with modern design sensibility … read on


The colourful bathroom, bold and brilliant

Anyone who remembers the seventies, or has lived in a house from the decade, will no doubt shudder when I suggest working bright, bold colours into the bathroom. Unfortunately mustard yellow wallpaper and lime green linoleum floors scared many, and significantly damaged the reputation of  bold colours in bathroom décor. Today, it’s time to bury your fears, and, to put it bluntly, move on. Bold colour, when applied in the right way can transform the bathroom into a memorable feature … read on

Pivotech_bold bathroom colour

Bathroom inspiration from the East

Transforming an everyday interior space into a foreign paradise is a thoughtful way to keep travel memories with you. Currently trending in the design community is Eastern interior aesthetic. For bathrooms, think, your very own Moroccan paradise, or a Turkish Bath House at home … read on


Pure and crisp, the white bathroom

Crisp, fresh and widely used, at first glance, working in white seems to be a no brainer. But, be careful renovators, don’t be fooled into thinking white is an easy design solution. There is a comfort associated with white. However the danger of working within comfort zones, is risking creating unimaginative and mundane interior spaces. Let it be know, there is more to successfully working with white than splashing it across every surface … read on

Pivotech dark grout_whitebathroom

Reducing the risk, bathroom design for seniors

Statistics show 55 percent of falls experienced by seniors, occur within the home.  As bodies age, balance and eyesight deteriorate, residential interior design must hold flexibility to meet new needs. It’s paramount interior design reflects the end user. Bathrooms, if not designed thoughtfully for an elderly resident, can be potential disasters. Slippery wet surfaces, poor lighting and awkward storage design can be issues for all of us at the best of times, but even more so for seniors … read on


The indoor/outdoor bathroom

Creating an indoor/outdoor bathroom is a daring design direction. It’s a fresh and unexpected approach to bathroom design, guaranteed to leave any guest, and probably even yourself, speechless. Traditionally flexible threshold design is reserved for living and entertaining space. So how exactly do you translate this concept into functional bathroom design? … read on

Pivotech indoor_outdoor bathroom 3

Less is more with minimalist bathroom design

Many people assume minimalistic spaces are cold, stark or simply void of personality. I often hear people refer to a space with little design or decoration as minimalist. Empty rooms with little décor consideration are simply rooms lacking decoration and designed – making them far from minimalist. Minimal style is more about reducing space to its necessary elements … read on

Minimalist Bathroom design_Pivotech

Five bathroom investments you will never regret

The kitchen is the most expensive room in a renovation or build, the bathroom is second. When investing time and money into a bathroom build or renovation, you want to ensure you get maximum value for money. You need to aim to create an interior you will enjoy for years to come. Everyone has their own style. For some, a bold and daring design will appeal, others will prefer more classical styled space. Regardless of personal preference, there are some essential bathroom features with mass appeal … read on

Pivotech_shower style

Six tips for DIY bathroom renovators

Renovating: everyone thinks they know how to do it, almost everyone discovers it’s not as easy as it looks, and they have no idea what they’re doing. For a small room, bathroom renovations cost a pretty penny, they also involve serious construction work. If you’re thinking about a DIY bathroom renovation, and you haven’t renovated before, my first piece of advice would be, make sure you have a good plumber on board, and possibly a cabinetmaker, or builder … read on

Pivotech_bathroom renovation advice

Cost effective Spring bathroom makeover tips

The days are longer, the air is hotter and the sun shines brighter. Spring is a wonderful time. When Spring temperatures start, I always find myself with more motivation, especially when it comes to taking on home projects. If you’re a fan of a good Spring clean, don’t stop at cleaning, also treat yourself to an interior update … read on

Pivotech_Springtime bathroom

Make your bathroom light and bright

Truth time: your bathroom looks and feels drab in comparison, because it probably is. However, don’t for one second believe your bathroom must remain in its current state. No matter what size bathroom, or what level of natural light your interior has, there are some very simple design techniques you can employ to make any interior feel lighter and brighter … read on

Pivotech_Bathroom design advice 5

How to master ‘designer cool’ in your bathroom

Renovators and those looking to build, must remember, high end interior design ‘cool’ does not only exist on glossy paper and uber chic blogs. Achieving ‘cool’ also doesn’t need to rely on costly design fees. A cool interior is something everyone can have – as long as you’re willing to put in the planning, be a little bold, and research thoroughly the style you seek to achieve … read on

Pivotech designer style 5

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