A wardrobe reboot for spring

A wardrobe reboot for spring

Maximise your wardrobe’s storage space with a thorough spring clean

It’s 1 September, the first day of spring in Australia. Melbourne’s delightful weather over the weekend inspired me to throw open the windows and let in some light and air. However, shining the brilliant sunlight into my bedroom wardrobe only punctuated the heavy drabness of  winter. It’s time for a spring clean and closet overhaul.

Organizing your bedroom wardrobe is the first step to organizing the rest of the home. When you eliminate unused clothes and accessories, and reorganize the rest, your personal space feels more inviting and the daily routine feels smoother. Not to mention you’ll rediscover all those clothes buried behind coats and thermals. You’ve achieved the design look you want from your custom Pivotech wardrobe, now maintain it with seasonal re-organisation and cleaning.

If you want to get your wardrobe spring fresh, too, but don’t know where to start, here are a few tips.

1. Take it in turns. Often, people pull everything out of the wardrobe with the best of intentions, but an hour or two in, they’re burned out and over it. Everything gets stuffed back in with less organisation than before. To prevent overload, divide up the projects. Maybe start with scarves, hats, handbags and accessories on Saturday and move on to shoes and boots on Sunday. Or, tackle that top shelf first, the Bermuda Triangle of the wardrobe.

2. As you purge, keep these questions in mind … and be honest about the answers:

  • Will I wear this item this spring or summer?
    I maintain a hard, fast rule that if I haven’t worn something for a year, it has to go.
  • Does this item reflect my current style?
    It’s important to know what you feel good wearing and what looks good on you.
  • Does it fit?
    The most important question for any wardrobe reboot. Items that don’t fit should be purged. Full stop. It may have been a fantastic bargain or it may be your goal size, but if it isn’t wearable, it’s wasting valuable space. Let it go.
  • Are there items I need, pieces missing from my wardrobe or that need to be replaced? And, do I have room for them?
    As you trim the fat and purge the no longer wearable, keep a shopping list of items you do need or need to replace. As you do this, keep in mind how the additional pieces will fit into the wardrobe. It may be time to incorporate wardrobe organisational systems and tools – shelving, hooks, storage boxes, hanger systems, etc.
  • How will I store my other seasonal items?
    Get items you won’t wear for six months out of prime wardrobe real estate (ie, front and centre), but store them in a way that protects them from mould, insects or other damage. Winter boots and bags can lose their shape and shine if not stored correctly. 

3. Make “give away” and “throw away” piles. Just because it isn’t right for you, doesn’t mean it isn’t right for someone else. However, some items just shouldn’t be worn by anyone. Ever. And that’s okay.

Invest a few hours over a few days and can have a wardrobe you feel great in. Begin your spring cleaning process with the wardrobe and you’ll be inspired to move on to the rest of the house.

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