Aluminium sliding wardrobe doors: strong, light, lasting

Aluminium sliding wardrobe doors: strong, light, lasting

It’s all about the frame: Pivotech wardrobe systems

piv_wrdb_white_hero_RGB72The ability to maximise storage space in your home with built in wardrobe systems is a given. The challenge stems from choosing the right sliding door system for you. Pivotech’s aluminium wardrobe sliding door frames are strong and durable, light weight and stylish, everything you want them to be.

Whether you’re tight on space or you just want to give any room of your home a new look, sliding wardrobe doors are the answer. Sliding doors eliminate door swing concerns and come in many different style options allowing you to add a touch of detail to the room as well. Aluminium sliding wardrobe doors are one of the most functional styles of door for reach-in storage.

Aluminium wardrobe door frames deliver:

  • stability
  • ready availability
  • easy maintenance
  • design flexibility
  • durable construction
  • light, effortless operation

Piv_loft_open_lrSliding wardrobe doors in the bedroom or bathroom take up minimal room of a home’s living space. The doors slide open and closed quietly and safely, without blocking the walking path for you or family members.

A well-designed wardrobe system can give your home a style facelift. Pivotech’s wardrobe systems can incorporate a mirror. Mirrors are a fantastic deign element to create the illusion of more living space in the room. And, a full length mirror becomes a useful home accessory you use everyday to give your outfit a head-to-toe critical once over before you leave the house.

Pivotech’s aluminium sliding wardrobe door is widely used throughout the home, because it’s a perfect solution for effectively using space in an attractive way. Sliding door wardrobe systems hide storage areas in a room and offer reliable performance in a wide variety of design options. Combined with expert fabrication and installation, the Pivotech wardrobe will give you and your family years of elegant, practical use.

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