Apartment bathroom design

Apartment bathroom design

Apartments are becoming Australia’s preferred way of living.

With major cities stretched to capacity and house prices out of most ordinary Australian’s budgets, apartments provide an opportunity to live close to major city centres and not enter a lifetime of debt. In addition to providing a chic metropolitan lifestyle, inner city units also make fantastic investments. Space and light are key considerations when designing apartment bathroom layout. You also always want your apartment to have investment property potential in the future, or present day, so you need timeless design that’s low maintenance.

If you currently live in an apartment, or are looking to buy a unit for living or investment, here are some fail safe apartment bathroom ideas.

Look to Hong Kong

In relation to Europe and China, dense living is relatively new to Australia. When thinking about compact bathroom design, dare to be creative. Be inspired by cutting edge compact living ideas fresh from those who know how to do compact living best. Below is a video I suggest anyone considering apartment living watch. The video follows Hong Kong Architect Gary Chang, and his transformation of a 32 sqm apartment, once cramped and dysfunctional,  into 24 usable living spaces.

While I’m not suggesting your bathroom transform into your bed like Chang’s apartment. His design philosophy and approach to maximising space and interior function is inspiring, and worth considering in your own designs.

For smaller apartment bathrooms, storage systems built into walls use space well. You could also manipulate space by looking at basins that convert into bench tops when needed.

Looking at designs such as Chang’s are not about copying, they’re about activating your inner lateral thinker.

Be clever and enjoy the best of both worlds

Space is tight, do you chose a shower or bath? Showers are more practical, but baths are so nice to slip into after a long day. Enjoy the best of both worlds and opt for a shower over bath configuration. Apartment owners can enjoy both luxuries without losing too much space and investors can make their apartments more appealing to renters, by offering bathroom flexibility.

The key to successful shower over bath set up is in the selection of your bath panel. Stay away from curtains as they cut-out light, make space appear smaller and are breeding grounds for mould and germs. Select an aluminium and glass bath panel to achieve an easy to clean contemporary bathroom. Pivotech offer a range of bath panels, available in multiple configurations. View Pivotech’s bath panel range here for more information.

Apartment Bathroom_Pivotech2

Let light free

Apartments often struggle with natural light levels. Unless you are fortunate enough to have the penthouse, with floor to ceiling glazing, chances are you need to be light smart. In bathrooms, avoid any window obstructions. Stay away from shower curtains and window dressings. Glass shower screens will keep your bathroom feeling open and bright and fitting plantation shutters, or privacy louvres, will provide flexibility to subtly maximise or minimise natural light. Mirrors and light coloured surface finishes will also assist in keeping your bathroom light and bright.

For a range of framed, semi-frameless and frameless glass shower screens, as well as plantation shutters, visit Pivotech. 

Pivotech_apartment bathroom

Not all products are made equal

Adjustments and renovations for apartment interiors are, let’s face it – an absolute pain. If you’re fitting-out your own apartment, or an apartment to rent, you want longevity from every product specified. Always remember, not all products are equal, and unfortunately most of the time the old saying, “you get what you pay for” is true.

Avoid needing tradespeople and renovation teams five years from now, start with quality. For shower screens and bath panels, ensure you purchase product from a reputable brand, providing piece of mind your aluminium extrusions will be finished appropriately and glass will be built to last. For toilets, look for products with anti-stick surface coatings, making them easy to clean and durable. For vanities, tap ware and even shower works, invest in a quality plumber with a good reputation. The last thing you want in an apartment is water damage, leaks or flooding.

Apartment Bathroom_Pivotech

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