Architectural design without architectural design fees

Architectural design without architectural design fees

Home owners dream of architecturally designed space. Professional design services are readily available, however they come with a luxury price tag.

For the average Australian home owner hiring architects or interior designers for residential revamps is not always a viable option. Even simple bathroom renovations can come with extreme design fees, in addition to the cost of purchasing fixtures and finishes. While you be able to justify getting a professional in, don’t think you can’t still enjoy space that looks and feels architecturally designed. There are some very simple strategies you can employ to make your bathroom (or any room for that matter), posses a little designer chic without designer design fees.

Clear the clutter

This is not renovating rocket science, nor does it require an architecture qualification, but it is key in securing architectural aesthetic. You will never see an architecturally designed home cluttered and messy. Before doing anything to your bathroom, go through everything. Clean out cupboards, shower caddies and storage shelves. Bin anything that you haven’t used in the past year and make sure everything you keep has it’s own storage. Messy vanity tops, rubbish and general bathroom clutter makes a DIY architectural transformation impossible. Start with a thorough clean and I guarantee¬†this step alone will have your bathroom looking a million dollars.

Mirror it

Mirrors – a designers best friend. Instantly make your bathroom feel larger and lighter with mirrors. Achieve that sought after architectural edge by being creative, after all anyone can fit standard vanity mirrors. For designer chic, it’s time to explore some different options. Clad an entire wall in floor to ceiling mirror to add surprise and depth to your room. Mirror your ceiling, your door – any unexpected areas. Some of the most successful architectural designs are successful because they build what we least expect. Take this approach and use mirror in new and exciting ways. To master mirror cladding make sure you purchase a quality mirror and mirror frame. Keep interior lines clean with an aluminium mirror frame from Pivotech. Visit Pivotech to find out more.

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Material Mix

DIY renovators are easily tempted by safe material options such as tiles and plasterboard. While there’s nothing wrong with tiles and plasterboard, architects think outside the box, that’s why we pay them the big bucks. If you want to create architectural aesthetic yourself, you have to think like a designer. Select different materials to finish your room, mix and match contrasting surface qualities for visually stimulating design resolutions. Look into the possibilities of timber, concrete, thermoplastics, metals, glass and resins. You will be amazed at the endless material options available and how incredible they can look.

Pivotech_architectural bathroom

Flexible threshold

Super trendy and very easy to achieve, is the indoor/outdoor concept. Architecturally, this design strategy is employed to blur traditional threshold barriers between inside and out. Flexible threshold allows end users to have an enriched built form experience and have their perceptions of space challenged. If you have structural and space availability, include a bathroom courtyard or garden. A central courtyard will make your bathroom feel as if it could be outside, harmony will be evoked within your interior. Allowing your bathroom to open and extend out into a garden space will make your bathroom look larger and more luxurious.

Pivotech_Architectural basthroom

Crystal clear

Nothing says architectural quite like an abundance of glass. Select a frameless glass shower screen with level entry access to display architectural style. Level entry shower cavities are popular in architectural design. Clean lines, simplicity and minimal visual obstruction makes them ideal. Discover Pivotech’s impressive range of frameless glass hardware, suitable for framelss glass shower screens here.

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