Bath Panels, the solution to your bathroom problems

Bath Panels, the solution to your bathroom problems

Let’s face it, standard bathrooms are small.

When working with restricted bathroom space, it can sometimes feel impossible to include everything you want. For instance; you like taking long relaxing baths, but you don’t have room for a shower and bath. Or maybe natural light is blocked by shower curtains or other opaque screens – making your bathroom dark. It’s a fact of life, as The Rolling Stones said, “you can’t always get what you want”. ¬†Today is not one of those days, I want you to have your bathroom cake and eat it too, and thanks to bath panels and shower over bath configuration, you can.

Here are five ways shower and bath combos, paired with glass bath panels will get what you want (and need) in your bathroom.

1. Hello shower, hello bath

The best of both worlds. Glass bath panels allow for attractive shower over bath combos, saving on space and maximising experience. Gone are the days where shower over bath set ups were considered cheap and unfashionable. Today (especially in apartment living) this configuration is considered savvy use of space, and a must for any bathroom not able to accommodate both bath and shower individually.

2. A bathroom for you and your children

If you have young children, bathtubs are a must. However if you have a small to medium room, you will also know the luxury of a separate shower and bath is impossible. Don’t fear shower over bath combinations. By selecting an aluminium framed glass bath panel, over traditional shower curtains – or no screen, your shower over bath will look contemporary and chic, allowing you to enjoy showers while still providing a bath for your children.

3. Goodbye curtain attacks

If there’s one thing I cannot stand in shower over bath configurations, it’s shower curtains. There is nothing worse than standing in the shower, or taking a bath and having to wrestle with a sheet of fabric the entire time. Clean, linear bath panels remove the fight for freedom each time you use your bathroom, allowing peaceful bathing.

4. Bright and spacious

Don’t block natural light with coloured or patterned shower curtains. Swap out shower curtains for glass bath panels and allow natural light to freely navigate through space. You won’t believe how much larger and brighter your room will feel.

5. Flexibility

Small spaces need flexible design options. Pivotech offer bath panels suitable for almost every bathroom. Pivotech’s range, inclusive of fixed glass frames, fixed and swing and multiple swing options, guarantees Mono, Duo and Claro will provide the bath panel solution you seek. For more information on Pivotech bath panels, click here.

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