Bathroom bungles and how to avoid them

Bathroom bungles and how to avoid them

We have all been in a bathroom that doesn’t work for one reason or another.

Maybe an oversize vanity prevents a door from closing properly, or perhaps the shower is prone to flooding due to inadequate drainage. One things for sure, when bathrooms are not quite right, it’s noticeable. Undertaking bathroom renovations or new builds are real investments, ensure you don’t waste time and money – plan well, think about your design and avoid bathroom bungles.

Below are some classic bathroom shortcomings and advice on how to avoid them in your bathroom.

1. Too much with too little

In an ideal world we would all have bathrooms filed with stunning large stone bath tubs, sprawling his and her vanities and a large walk-in shower. However, in reality not every bathroom is blessed with space. Overcrowding small bathrooms with too many fixtures you think you need, will result in everything you don’t want. Avoid crowded, claustrophobic interior space by practising restraint. The phrase “less is more” could not be more true in the bathroom. If you find yourself working within tighter space, follow these rules to ensure your interior won’t look as small as it actually might be:

  • Forgo the tub. For some this might be a difficult sacrifice, but trust me, small bathrooms are no place for bath tubs. If you absolutely  must have one, Japanese soaking tubs are your best bet.
  • Look for slim (not necessarily small) wall hung vanities. Thinner vanities will direct your eye downwards through the space and provide an illusion of longer linear walls.
  • White is every small bathrooms best friend. Don’t forget when using white, select a feature colour or texture to maintain depth within your room.
  • Run your shower across the back wall (wall opposite to entry). Paired with a frameless glass shower screen, small bathrooms will  instantly feel larger and longer.

Pivotech_bathroom design

2. Not enough natural light

Sure, bathrooms are private, but they’re not jail cells. Gone are the days when bathrooms only needed small port hole windows. Bathrooms with sufficient natural light levels shouldn’t need artificial light until night. If you’re building, embrace available wall space, let natural light into your bathroom via large windows and openings. For renovators, skylights or highlight louvre galleries will dramatically increase interior light levels.


3. Lacking in privacy

If you have beautiful big windows, the next step is to make sure you also have suitable levels of privacy. There is nothing worse than looking into your neighbours kitchen from your bathroom. Employ frosted film, glass, aluminium privacy screens, plantation shutters, or translucent blinds and achieve privacy without sacrificing natural light.

Pivotech_bathroom window

4. Attack of the shower curtain

You might think shower curtains are cute and vintage, however in reality, curtains create impractical and annoying showers. They have a nasty habit of falling towards you when water is turned on. Avoid this blunder and finish your shower with a glass shower screen. Pivotech have a range of framed and semi framed shower screens, as well as frameless glass hardware, for more information, visit Pivotech.

Image Sources: Desiretoinspire, Highstreetmarket, Gregnatale, Nordicdesign


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