Bathroom inspiration from the East

Bathroom inspiration from the East

I am a strong believer some rooms within your home should make you feel like you’re on vacation. The bathroom is a practical space, however, it’s also a space for intimacy, relaxation and indulgence. Gaining inspiration from travel is a decorating strategy that can be employed across any room within a house. Transforming an everyday interior space into a foreign paradise is a thoughtful way to keep your travel memories with you. Currently trending in the design community is the Eastern interior aesthetic. For the bathroom, think, your very own Moroccan paradise, or a Turkish Bath House at home.

Here are some nifty design tips to help you get started.

1. East meets vintage

Don’t be afraid to mix trends. Sometimes, if you focus too much on one style, space will become crowded or cliché. Moroccan inspired tiles lend themselves beautifully to antique fittings and fixtures. As far back as the 1600′s, Western interior décor has been inspired by the native design work from Eastern countries. The spice trade saw tiles, rugs and furniture from the East, make their way to the West. This resulted in a hybrid aesthetic. Today, mixing vintage brass or gold accessories, with more traditional eastern tiles, towels, or light fittings, will create a dynamic and layered bathroom space.


2. Bath Houses have them, why shouldn’t you?

The beauty of a traditional Bath House is the amount of space, dedicated to bathing and relaxation. Allow yourself to indulge at home, ensure your bathroom has a larger than average shower cavity and bath tub. When designing your shower cavity, consider the flexibility a sill-less design offers. For suitable aluminium framed glass shower screens, take a look at Pivotech’s Phoenix sill less screen. For the bath, a large stone tub, filled with flowers and oils, will quickly have you feeling as if your’re relaxing on the other side of the world.

bathroom bath tub moroccan cement tile floor glass shower bobby flay cococoay

3. From the ground up

Nothing screams Turkish Bath, more than wall and ceiling tiles. When tiling across a large surface, remember to select tiles with a pattern that won’t give you a headache or make you dizzy. Simple pattern work, with no more than two or three colours should master this look.


4. It’s all in the pattern

Selection of pattern, in particular for tiles, will make or break this look. For large areas such as the floor, or as mentioned above,  walls and ceilings, try and select a simple repetitive pattern, with minimal colour variation. For feature areas, such as around the vanity, feel free to be more liberal. Mix pattern and colour to achieve an aesthetic you might expect to see in a bizarre, or traditional Moroccan home.


5. When space allows, lounge around

This is tricky for the average suburban home. However, if space permits, a resting zone at the entrance to the bathroom, or inside  the bathroom is a must. A chaise lounge draped in colourful throws, or Byzantine armchairs, with plump patterned cushions. Resting space will allow you to immerse yourself in the bathroom experience. This is a transitional space that will distance your bathroom paradise from the rest of the home. This is an indulgent touch that suits ensuite configurations well.

exotisches-wohnzimmer-marokkanischer-stilImages: Decorators Notebook, Cococozy, Hosetohome, NorteMaison


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