Bathrooms sell houses, make sure yours cuts the mustard

Bathrooms sell houses, make sure yours cuts the mustard

Are you looking to put your home on the market?

Potential buyers look at property with a list of requirements, towards the top of every list are kitchen and bathroom specifications. Kitchen and bathroom renovations soon add up, buyers don’t want the expense of purchasing property, then needing to invest in new bathroom or kitchen fit outs. Treating your bathroom to a mini renovation before it goes to market doesn’t have to cost a fortune, but simple alterations here and there could assist in making you one. Allow your property to impress potential buyers with these cost effective and easy to execute bathroom makeover tips.

Replace your shower screen

You won’t believe the difference a new shower screen will make in your bathroom. Instantly modernise your space with a frameless glass shower screen. Compared to tired frosted glass screens, rickety products from the seventies and shower curtains, fresh clear frameless screens will literally transform your space. Cleaner and crisper, a new frameless shower screen will not only modernise, but also increase sense of space and interior depth. For a range of sliding, hinge and fixed panel frameless glass hardware, visit Pivotech to find out more. 


Add a feature mirror

It’s interior design 101, but mirrors really do help make space feel larger. For bathrooms, floor to ceiling or half height feature mirrors will enhance the sense of space. Large feature mirrors are ideal for covering daggy tiles or empty unused walls. For a modern take on bathroom mirrors select a tall free standing mirror and rest it against one of your bathroom walls. Remember not everything needs to be hung. The added bonus of making your mirror a styling accessories, rather than a bathroom fixture, is you can take it with you to your new home once you sell.


Apply a fresh coat of paint

Cracked, peeling or just outdated colour schemes will instantly turn perspective buyers away. Cracks and worn paint must be fixed before going to market. While you’re fixing these, it’s worthwhile updating your colour scheme too. Colours move in and out of fashion, for sale, you want your bathroom (and every room in your house for that matter) to fall into one of  two categories – timeless chic or modern day on trend … shabby chic is not an option for auction day.


Clean your grout

Mouldy grout is not acceptable when your house is on the market. Clean grout will transform existing tiles to look almost new. Allow your bathroom to shine, invest in a professional grout clean.


Refresh the window

Bathroom windows can be difficult to furnish. Curtains or roller blinds become mouldy over time and frosted glass has dated. Plantation shutters are the perfect solution for bathroom windows. Plantation shutters are on trend, they won’t encourage mould and they allow for light and privacy flexibility. Plantation shutters instantly update interior space, adding value to your home. Did you know Pivotech manufacture aluminium plantation shutters? Visit the Pivotech website to find out more.


Update with accessories

If you want to avoid investing too much money into your home before it goes to market, tasteful accessories can bring new life to tired bathrooms. Before bringing any new elements into your room, ensure all clutter is cleared or packed away. There is nothing worse than inspecting a messy house. Select contemporary material combinations such as concrete, timber and glass and purchase accessories in these contrasting materials that will compliment your interior. New towel rails, light fittings, pot plants, tooth brush holders, shower caddies and bath stools are all options. New towels and bars of soap can also make a world of difference.



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