Create the illusion of a larger bathroom with frameless glass hardware

Create the illusion of a larger bathroom with frameless glass hardware

Frameless glass hardware: a perfect match for the small bathroom

With almost no metal lines to direct movement of the eye, frameless shower enclosures deliver seamless look and the illusion of a larger space. If you’re struggling with how to open up a small bathroom, Pivotech’s line of frameless glass hardware may offer your ideal solution.

No visible lines to section up the room

Since they are transparent, frameless shower screens and bath panels don’t divide up rooms or take up visual space. They create an unobstructed and light look, leading to the sensation of more space in the room than there actually is. The understated elegance of our frameless glass hardware enhances your overall design scheme and allows you to accentuate feature pieces, like a stylish bath or vintage tiles, without overwhelming a small room.

These petite bathroom friendly bath panels and shower enclosures are mounted directly to the wall with minimal and discriminating hardware. To ensure strength and stability, as well as eliminate risks of water leaks, it’s important to choose a Pivotech Professional to install your frameless glass hardware selections.

Flexible designs for small spaces

When engineered by a Pivotech Professional, a frameless shower enclosure can be creatively configured to maximise your limited space. Our experts know how to work with an existing bath or hob wall to ensure you get the best possible end result and one designed uniquely for your bathroom.

Also, organisations that install Pivotech products can access to our exclusive digital resources for designing shower screens, including frameless shower screens. They can configure and order error-free shower screens and calculate glass cutting sheets in minutes, significantly reducing turnaround time between your order and our delivery.

Fresh and clean

Frameless shower screens can be easier to keep clean and bright. Maintaining a clean, bright, clutter-free bathroom augments the denial of a small space. Pivotech’s frameless glass hardware remains gorgeous and strong through years of use with an easy routine of maintenance.

Frameless shower enclosures deliver a effervescent stylishness not usually found in robust good looks of fully framed screens. No matter the size of the room or the decor, Pivotech’s frameless glass hardware and a glass screen will compliment the bathroom.

For more tips on opening up a small bathroom and making it feel larger, visit an earlier Pivotech blog post, “Bigger on the inside”.

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