Dirty plantation louvres? Shutter* the thought.

Dirty plantation louvres? Shutter* the thought.

Cleaning tips to keep your Pivotech plantation shutters looking lovely

Grime build-up on our Pivotech shutters makes us shudder.

It dulls the colour and can, over time, cause the louvre’s finish to degrade, kind of like a car that doesn’t get washed. Beyond appearances, dust build up on the louvre blades can become a home to allergens like pet dander and dust mites.

The smooth surface of aluminium louvres makes them easier to clean than shutters made from other materials. Keep your plantation shutters looking great longer with these guidelines.


Louvre Installations 0066Care requirements vary between plantation shutters installed inside the home and louvre systems exposed to the elements.

Plantation shutters inside maintain their brilliance with periodic wipe downs with a soft, damp cloth and an occasional vacuuming of the louvre blades.

Exterior shutters, however, require a bit more attention.

  • Give the louvre blades an initial wet down, using minimal water
  • Go over the shutters with soapy water (made from a mild detergent, like dish soap) and a sponge or soft cloth
  • Rinse the blades thoroughly to remove all the soap
  • Promptly and completely dry the blades to avoid water spots

For both interior and exterior plantation shutters, avoid using abrasives or harsh, chemical detergents to clean them. Abrasives can damage the finish or integrity of the louvre blade, causing them to look worn out and damaged.

Things to avoid:

  • cleaners containing Hydrofluoric or Phosphoric Acid
  • alkaline, acidic or abrasive based cleaners
  • strong solvent or harsh detergents, bleach, scourers or any other abrasive cleaner
  • using tapes or adhesives on the blades

Louvre Shutters 004Also, for both interior and exterior plantation shutters, above all else, keep yourself safe. Be alert and careful when using ladders and keep aware of things like uneven ground, kids and pets running around, wind and ladder rungs made slippery from soap and water.

Cleaning intervals

Plantation shutters inside the home require weekly attention to maintain proper cleanliness and the integrity of the finish.

Louvre systems exposed to the outdoors should be checked on a weekly basis and cleaned at least once a month.

Following the internals-weekly/externals-monthly cleaning and maintenance schedule keeps your plantation shutters working and looking great for years of enjoyment.

Pivotech plantation shutters perform perfectly for homeowners.

Our custom made aluminium louvres offer

  • energy smart heat and sun shade solutions
  • enhanced home design with sleek lines
  • acoustic performance through sound absorption
  • privacy

We designed our residential louvre systems to be light, strong and durable. Talk to one of our Pivotech partner installers to learn more ways a Pivotech plantation shutter can enhance your home.

*I know, I know … the saying is “shudder the thought”, but I just couldn’t resist the play on words, sorry.

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