Dissecting the EDGE DNA

Dissecting the EDGE DNA

The features of EDGE walk away from 50-year-old window and door technology to offer benefits relevant to today’s commercial building designs and standards. They’re so fundamental to the ranges, we call it our DNA.

The U-MAX™, MAX™, and GEN™ suites were designed and tested to meet needs both practical and imaginative. Reliability, longevity, and energy efficiency, combine with design freedom and system interchangeability. You choose the combination of frame and features to achieve your vision for your project.

In the upcoming months, we’ll take a closer look at each of the 10 elements in the EDGE DNA and review how they benefit your projects. Until then, get a quick refresher with the graphic below.

High performing gaskets: high performance, “top loaded”, co-extruded captive anti-stretch gaskets.

True metric footprint: not just imperial measurements converted to metric, the EDGE systems were originally designed in metric.

Mix-and-match framing systems: different framing systems of the same depth can be used together to alter the glazing plane.

Multiple glazing options: accepts 24-28mm dry glazed IGUs. Single glazed spandrel option available.

Internally or externally glazing: most suites can be internally or externally glazed.

Captivated glazing beads: one-way pressure secured glazing bead will not fall out when installed according to specification.

Thermally broken: Australian designed and manufactured thermally broken window and door frames.

Watershed: concealed transom drainage system directs water over and around the edge of the glass.

No unwanted drain holes: our Watershed system removes the need for drainage holes.

External screw: frame fixing external to the glazing rebate provides structure and support of the frame and glass.

Multiple framing options: 100mm and 150mm frame depths available.

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