Error-proof your frameless glass hardware

Error-proof your frameless glass hardware

Pivotech’s technical manual: your ‘go to’ for successful frameless glass hardware projects

I recently started looking for a new home to buy. And, as you would expect, many homeowners invest in updates in their kitchens and baths before putting a home on the market. These remodels run the gambit in terms of success.

In my viewings, I see a lot of frameless glass hardware in the bathrooms. Frameless shower screens are very trendy right now due to their lovely lines and practical function. Plus, they lend themselves well to bathrooms of various sizes.

Unfortunately, I also see a lot of inappropriate use of frameless glass hardware. When not installed correctly, these shower screen systems will quickly breakdown and look bad. In worst case scenarios, if installation specifications aren’t followed, they can be unsafe, putting a family at risk of injury.

This is why we gave Pivotech professionals access to the Pivotech Glass Hardware technical manual on 24/7. A digital copy can be saved onto a PC, tablet or smart phone and either printed or accessed digitally whenever and where ever it’s needed.

The three most common mistakes professionals make with installation of frameless glass hardware:

  • Incorrect glass sizes used with the frameless glass hardware
  • Improper surface or structure for mounting frameless glass hardware onto
  • Wrong application of frameless glass hardware

Avoid the avoidable

Bathrooms can be tricky. Whether it’s new construction, a new bathroom in an existing home or a remodel and refresh of an existing bathroom, many factors play a role in determining the appropriate designs, materials and hardware used. Preparation with correct information is the key.

Pivotech’s Glass Hardware technical manual outlines all the technical information Pivotech professionals need to ensure our systems look and perform fantastically for years.

The technical manual features pages of shower configurations (the shape and position of the shower), as well as exploded views of shower designs to assist you. It outlines appropriate glass sizes (6mm, 8mm, 10mm, etc), door width maximums, recommendations for mounting and weight maximums for the hardware in question.

Beautiful bathrooms today and long into the future

Quality bathroom remodels deliver fantastic return on investment. However, incorrect installations can actually decrease the value and usability of a bathroom. Choosing a Pivotech professional following the Pivotech technical guidelines to complete your bathroom project assures value, performance and fabulous good looks.

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