Extreme bathroom inspiration

Extreme bathroom inspiration

Sometimes, when it comes to interior inspiration, I believe it’s best to treat yourself to a little game I like to call, Interior Design Lust.

Interior Design Lust involves looking at images of impossible interiors. The biggest, the best, the most creative and most awesome rooms you can find in magazines and on the internet … rooms that make your jaw drop. Bathroom interiors are perfect for the game. Beautiful materiality, visual texture and lighting opportunities make bathrooms open to so many design explorations.

Not only is Interior Design Lust a fun way to kill some time on the internet, it’s also one of the best ways to get inspired for renovating and building. While concepts might be out of your price range, impossible with the space you have to work with, extreme or impractical, it’s called inspiration for a reason. No matter how outrageous your journey might become, everything you collect will help inform future bathroom aesthetic.

When designing it can be easier (and way more fun), to pare back a look from its most extreme state, selecting key elements to keep and discarding unachievables, than working from blank canvas to opulent interior.

Before selecting shower screens, mirrors, tiles, vanity units, basins and tapware, take time to be inspired. Discover what you do and don’t like, realise your own interior style.

Here are my favourite lust have bathrooms from a little game of Interior Design Lust I played last night …

1. I find this bathroom inspiring because it takes a risk. Mismatched tiles are not for everyone, but this design provides food for thought – not all tiles need to follow the same pattern, or repeat an identical tile.


2. I’m always attracted to indoor/outdoor interiors. In most homes fluid space is difficult to achieve, but as you can see in the bathroom below, large pot plants, timber and lots of light can mimic the blurred threshold experience – inspiring!


3. In the image below, it’s all about the view. When it comes to bathroom views you either have one, or you don’t. Should you have feature worthy views, remember to keep your interior simple, allowing focus to be pulled outwards through windows and skylights. I’ll be saving this one for my dream home.


4. It’s all about texture and tub in the room below. Recessed baths scream luxury and are a nice treat if you’re building a new home. Multiple timbers will be too much for the average bathroom, but it’s a great reference image for effective textural harmony.


5. The application of colour below is incredible. Sure, it’s a little bold for suburban bathrooms, but it’s a good reminder how effective and punchy bold colour palettes can be.


6. Take inspiration below for unique plumbing solutions and use of space. While practicality might be lacking, this image is a solid imagination activator.


7. Finally, just to show I’m serious about collecting impossible interiors …

What’s a bathroom without an aquarium?


Image Source: Apartmenttherapy, Oras, WorldArchitect, FreshHome, SimplyGroove, Babble, UKTelegraph

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