Find the right shower for you

Find the right shower for you

The shower is the most dominant feature in a bathroom. Selecting the correct shower for application is imperative to creating a successful bathroom.

If you’re about to start a renovation or build, take time to analyse what type of shower user you are. Ask yourself the following questions to identify your shower activity and bathroom limitations:

  • Are you working with a small or large bathroom space?
  • Do you shower for pleasure or practicality?
  • Do you often share a shower with your partner?
  • What natural light sources are available to your room? Is there ample or limited light?
  • Are shower hobs potential trip hazards for you?
  • Do you enjoy baths?
  • How much shower space do you need? (A good way to test, is to motion as if you are washing your hair and bending over to wash your feet. Have someone measure across your arms, elbow to elbow when they are at your head, and from your bottom to the crown of your head when you’re bending over.)

Answers to the above questions will inform what style of shower you need. Make sure you invest in a shower beneficial to you and your lifestyle. Below are options to consider, depending on how you answered the above questions.

Walk on in

If you answered you enjoy taking showers for pleasure and relaxation, you have a generous floor plan and you like a little extra room to move, the walk-in shower is for you. Walk-in showers provide flexibility, able to be made into any shape or size you wish. The walk-in style is also ideal for home owners who are trip hazard concious as there is no shower hob associated with this style.

Walk-in showers create a relaxing bathroom experience. Their undefined threshold encourages a harmonious interaction with space. Your shower experience is sure to be enhanced. Walk-in showers look amazing with feature screen panels made from materials such as coper, graphic pattern tiles and concrete partitions. Personally, I don’t think you can go past frameless glass panels for elegance and timeless sophistication. For a range of frameless glass hardware, visit Pivotech.

Pivotech_Shower types


Do you enjoy a bath as much as you do a shower, but you’re a little stretched for space? Shower and bath combination sets are perfect for this scenario. Gone are the days where showers sitting over bath tubs was considered cheap or unfashionable. This space saving set up is now embraced for its ability to offer space poor bathrooms the best of both worlds.

Ensure your bathroom looks contemporary and fresh by screening your shower with a bath panel. Bath panels provide a cleaner aesthetic to traditional curtains, they won’t stick to your body while showering, and they don’t cut interior space flow. Pivotech have recently released a new bath panel, for more information visit Pivotech here.

Pivotech_shower stlyes

The shy guy

For those who shower for practical reasons only, have a smaller bathroom, or for those who don’t need a lot of space to move within the shower cavity, corner showers are perfect. Corner shape showers are consciously designed to have minimal impact on available floor space.

Select glass for shower screen materiality to avoid an already small bathroom looking cut off and crowded. Many of Pivotech’s shower screens are available in  a 45 degree layout. For more information, make sure you check out Pivotech’s Evolution, Dimension and Phoenix.

Pivotechy_shower styles

Double the fun

If your bathroom offers space to play with, you enjoy showering for pleasure, and you enjoy sharing showers with someone special, dual shower heads are an absolute must! Double headed showers are trending, and for good reason. Enjoy the full shower experience under your own shower rose (no more patchy cold parts), while still embracing company from your someone special. Dual shower heads, I guarantee this is one shower style, should you have the room, you will never regret.

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Image Source: HGTV, Cupersia, Pinterest, Thedesignchaser


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