Get trendy with timber

Get trendy with timber

Timber, a preferred interior finish for many decorators and renovators.

The opportunity to chose from numerous woods, finishes, and the flexibility of application, has made timber very popular. Timber in bathroom décor effectively creates a sharp on trend contemporary space, with natural qualities –  a rare and beautiful combination. Wood selection and strategic placement, will impact greatly on room aspect. Too much timber, and your bathroom aesthetic will reflect rustic cottage, not contemporary design chic. Select the wrong wood, and it won’t compliment the rest of your interior. As with most material applications, it’s all about balance and finding what’s right for your room.

Here are my tips to creating a contemporary timber bathroom.

1. Customisations

If budget allows, achieve unique and interesting bathroom pieces by commissioning custom vanities, cupboards and bathroom accessories. This is an effective option when considering timber in the bathroom. It provides the opportunity to select the grain you desire and avoid mass produced laminate or veneer products. The ultimate advantage of custom design work, no one else will have what you have, meaning bragging rights are all yours.


2. Blockbuster application

Beautiful, organic visual textures are inherit to timber. Create a real talking point by selecting a singular surface to apply internal timber cladding. Opt for timber boards, or slats to break up the plane by introducing a strong horizontal or vertical non timber line. This restrained, but bold timber application will pack a punch, becoming a true feature in the room.


3.  Surprise!

Select an unlikely surface to achieve an advanced take on the timber trend.  Timber shower heads, shower bases, or even a timber bath are unexpected timber features.  The surprise application will ensure your bathroom presents as contemporary and original. Contrast subtle timber fittings with jet black tiles for a gender neutral, ahead of trend, timber bathroom. Specify a an aluminium framed glass shower screen from Pivotech to ensure your timber features are always on show.


4. Sensible and subtle

Perhaps you’re not renovating, or maybe you’re a little nervous about committing to the timber trend. Accessories are the best way to experiment with new décor concepts. Timber toothbrush holders, vases, soap dispensers and towel rails, will provide your bathroom with a contemporary facelift. You can easily introduce timber materiality without breaking the budget, or needing to redesign your entire bathroom.


5. The timber tub

A convenient and chic way to work with timber is via a timber bathtub. Working with the element of surprise,  mentioned above, challenge what everyone expects to see and opt for a tub with a difference. Not only will your bath stand out as a bathroom feature, it will generate a feeling of warmth and relaxation via the curvaceous lines and natural tones. Just imagine hopping into a timber tub after a hard days work. Delightful!


Treat yourself.

Make your own Sandalwood bath salts for the ultimate timber bathroom experience.


Epsom salt or Sea salt (1 x packet/depending on how much you wish to make)

Sandalwood Essential Oil

Food Colouring of choice



Large Mixing bowl

Glass jar with lid for storage

A spoon



To determine how much salt you need, pour salt into the clean glass jar to be used and then into the mixing bowl. If making a batch with different sized jars, repeat this for all different sized jars.
Add a drop of food colouring and stir. If a stronger shade is required, add another drop and mix well until evenly distributed.
Add 2-4 drops of Sandalwood and stir well. Keep adding a drop at a time until you can smell without having to bend down over the bowl.
Transfer your bath salts into your jar and close the lid.

And it’s that easy, draw a bath, and relax. (source: Hubpages)

Image Source: bedfordbrooks, britco, interiordesigningblog, noretemaisondesigngroup, khephy

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