How to get the Hollywood Regency look in your bathroom

How to get the Hollywood Regency look in your bathroom

Who can resist the charm of classic Hollywood? Think Katharine Hepburn, James Stewart, Vivian Leigh, all the glamorous faces from Hollywood’s golden age. Combine their style with Art Deco patterns and you have Hollywood Regency – undoubtedly one of the most opulent and decadent styles around.

Bathrooms are fantastic spaces for Hollywood Regency style, glass, mirror, hard tile and porcelain or marble surfaces, lend themselves to luxe. Mastering this look is all about selecting the right patterns, shapes, colours, and of course, you have to be daring enough to be a little outrageous in your aesthetic. I won’t lie, if you’re prepared to fully commit to creating a Hollywood Regency bathroom, be prepared to create a real feature space within your home.

For lovers of Art Deco, California dreamers, or anyone who just loves a bit of glamour, here are some tips for creating Hollywood Regency style in the Bathroom.


Selecting appropriately shaped fittings and fixtures is the difference between mastering and failing Hollywood Regency. Keep wall and floors linear and create contrast by introducing curvaceous shapes into your room via a feature bath, basin, elaborate joinery detail, mirrors and lighting.



Repetition contributes significantly to well executed Recency style. In bathrooms, tiled surfaces create the most striking patterns. Think about shape, as mentioned above, and repeat linear forms to achieve eye catching Art Deco patterns. For inspiration, research Chevron, Lattice and Fret, to determine a tile configuration suitable for your space.


Wall treatments

It’s not Hollywood Recency until it has wallpaper. Wallpaper has made a significant comeback over the past 10 years. With so many stunning quality papers available, there’s no need to remember poor applications you may have witnessed in the 1970′s and 1980′s. When creating Recency style, don’t be afraid to incorporate Chinoiserie elements, especially on your walls. Opulent gold, birds, plants, or Palmette inspired patterns are perfect. For true Hollywood style, run tiles or decorative cast wall panels 900mm up your wall, then from 900mm to your ceiling, apply your paper – seriously lush stuff!

Pivotech_Hollywood Regecny

Glass and mirrors

Nothing says glamour like shiny materials. Aluminium framed, or semi-frameless glass shower screens provide an authentic look. When selecting shower screens, make sure to specify an anodised aluminium finish, this will further enhance your look. When it comes to mirrors, more is more. Vanity mirrors are a must, so are full length floor mirrors. Don’t be afraid to play with shape and scale (be cheeky,  juxtapose angular Art Deco shapes, with softer curves) to make mirrored areas more than just reflective surfaces in your space, transform them into key contributors to overall interior style. For aluminium framed shower screens and mirrors, visit Pivotech.



Indoor plants brighten bathroom space, no matter what décor. When working with Hollywood Regency, Areca Palms, Bamboo Palms, Boston Ferns and Pygmy Date Palms are perfect. The best part about indoor plants, they don’t just look amazing, they also assist in cleaning interior space of harmful carcinogenic chemicals found in household air, such as benzene, formaldahyde and trichloroethylene.



It’s very on trend at the moment to not just create bathrooms, but to design spacial destinations. Luckily this trend lends itself to Regency style. Look at your bathroom as not just a room to shower and brush your teeth, view your space as a grooming parlour and relaxation location. If space allows, create a small sitting area within your bathroom, Art Deco armchairs and side tables are perfect. Indulgent, yes, but that’s what Hollywood Regency is all about.


Something ridiculous

Ridiculous isn’t always negative. Stand-out feature pieces – be it artwork, lighting or decorative accessories, make rooms memorable. When re-creating Hollywood glamour in your own home, remember the pioneers of this style had money to burn, their homes were filled with ridiculous objects. Obviously we don’t all have thousands, or millions of dollars to throw away on statues of birds or oversized chandeliers, that’s why we have second hand stores, ebay and Gumtree. For unique vintage, at an affordable price, visit your local second hand store, or a personal favourite of mine –, to find quirky (but of course stylish) feature accessories and artwork. Don’t be afraid to make your bathroom a talking point.

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