How to master ‘designer cool’ in your bathroom

How to master ‘designer cool’ in your bathroom

Glossy magazines and design blogs – I love them. While I might be a designer, like most home owners I still drool over images of incredible interior spaces. At times these rooms seem possible only in a parallel universe of perfection.

My advice to myself, and now to you, when drifting off into this “uh … only magazine space can look that lush … ” is “SNAP OUT OF IT!”

Renovators and those looking to build, must remember, high end interior design ‘cool’ does not only exist on glossy paper and uber chic blogs. Achieving ‘cool’ also doesn’t need to rely on costly design fees. A cool interior is something everyone can have – as long as you’re willing to put in the planning, be a little bold, and research thoroughly the style you seek to achieve. In recent years bathrooms have become residential main event. Everyone wants the illusive super mod bathroom. The nifty little fact to remember, is everyone can achieve this dream. Join the superior interior club with these exclusive décor tips, from me to you. Stop drooling over magazines, wipe your chin, roll up your sleeves, concentrate and master your own cool designer bathroom.

Do something unexpected

People hire interior designers to dream décor ideas they feel they could never think of themselves. The best way to achieve designer aesthetic is to employ an element or feature within your bathroom that’s going to surprise people. Try one of the following concepts in your bathroom:

  • An oversized circular mirror
  • A recessed bath tub
  • A tiled ceiling
  • Feature pendant lighting
  • Timber panel bath tub
  • Floor to ceiling mirrors
  • Glass walls
  • Hanging pot plants
  • Timber clad walls and/or ceiling

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Kiss laminate goodbye

Laminate, how it tortures me! Here’s the thing about laminate, it’s one of the most practical, cost effective and handy joinery finishes … but it’s also the most common. If you really want to commit to elevating your bathroom’s street cred, exclude laminate from your design. Timber bench tops and vanities are on trend and a welcome relief from the norm. Composite stone and marble are also effective materials. Be prepared to spend a little more on individualised materials, but also be prepared to enjoy their beauty and longevity (as well as gushing comments your friends about how cool your bathroom is).

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Crystal clear ya’ hear

Unless moving in the direction of a classic claw foot tub with an over shower, you will rarely see an interior designer legitimately recommend shower curtains. In the design community, it’s all about glass shower screens. Glass shower screens will not only enhance crisp designer aesthetic, they are long lasting and won’t fade out of fashion. For an extensive range of framed, semi-framed and frameless glass shower screens to suit almost any bathroom, visit Pivotech for more information.

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White in sight 

All the cool design kids love to wear black and design in white. I can’t explain why this is. Maybe they like the contrast of their fashion with their interiors. Maybe it’s the blank canvas theory, or maybe black and white are just awesome and they know it better than anyone. Regardless of how this funny little juxtaposition came to be, guarantee designer cool in your bathroom by working in white. Use accessories such as plants or flowers and mirrors to relieve interior composition. Mix gloss, matt and semi-gloss materials to create visually dynamic space.

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Brassy = classy 

Why choose stainless steel when you can have brass? Much like my thoughts on laminate, stainless steel is a fantastically accessible and cost effective option for bathroom fittings, but brass is exciting, unexpected and very on trend. Brass taps and faucets look stunning when paired with white sinks and walls.

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Image Source: SilverBlonde, Kokkenskaberne, ArchiProducts, Homemademodern, UniversalBluePrint

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