Less is more with minimalist bathroom design

Less is more with minimalist bathroom design

Spring is here. Embrace the new season, treat yourself to a bathroom clean out, followed by a clutter free bathroom makeover.

This week I want to focus on minimalist design for bathrooms. When executed correctly Minimalism is an amazing design option for any room, especially bathrooms. The style was born from traditional Japanese architecture and interior design. Many people assume minimalistic spaces are cold, stark or simply void of personality. I often hear people refer to a space with little design or decoration as minimalist. Empty rooms with little décor consideration are simply rooms lacking decoration and designed – making them far from minimalist. Minimal style is more about reducing space to its necessary elements. Apply a ‘less is more’ philosophy. ‘Less is more’ doesn’t mean empty undecorated space. Minimalist interiors are calculated design spaces, but clean and clutter free at the same time. Following minimalist design philosophy, elegant and intriguing interiors can be created.

While mastering the true art of Minimalism can take years, this week I will reveal some simple strategies, using line, shape, tone and light, anyone can apply to a bathroom renovation or build. Enjoy this elegant design style and avoid clichés.

1. Spring clean

First things first, you need to have a drastic clean out. Bathrooms are prone to collecting all sorts of ‘treasure’. Remember, minimal is about stripping your interior back to only the necessary elements. Two year old, half empty moisturisers and empty perfume bottles have no place in your new bathroom. Walk into your current bathroom with a large garbage bag, anything you haven’t used in 18 months, throw out. Treat bathroom consumables like you do food – follow the expiration dates and don’t collect them. Trust me, after a brutal bathroom clean out, you will already feel like you have a new room.

2. Black is the new black

When you hear the word ‘ Minimalism’, what colour comes to mind? I bet for most of you, your answer was white. White is popular in minimalist design, it’s the ultimate clean tone. White, however can be partially to blame for the stark reputation minimalist design has. Minimalist rooms don’t have to be white. Avoid the cliché, and swap white for black. Black will create the same clean aesthetic as white,  but the darker tone will avoid a cold aspect. Following the ‘less is more’ principle, select black tiles with little colour or pattern variation. Instead contrast size and shape of wall and floor tiles to maintain visual interest.

Pivotech minimalist bathroom

3. Artistic abstraction

Treat your bathroom to something a little out of the ordinary. Minimalism is design chic, let your bathroom stand out and include an abstract element. In keeping with minimalist principle, you need to ensure the abstraction serves a purpose within the room in addition to it’s artistic function. The example below shows a steel cube structure. The structures primary function is a clothing rack and pendant light support, it’s secondary function is artistic enjoyment. If something like the steel cube below is a bit much for your style or space, include abstraction through towel rails, wall mounted storage or even bathroom light fittings. As long as your artistic abstraction is a functional element in your bathroom, and it complies with your minimal colour palette, treat yourself and your bathroom to something extraordinary.Pivotech minimalist bathroom

4. Reflective

Minimalism has a restricted colour palette, limited to black, white, grey and possibly one feature colour. Don’t rely on colour to enhance the character of your space, rely on light. When speaking about light, I don’t mean the lights you switch on and off. What I refer to here, is more of a light play. Playing with light means effectively designing interior surfaces to decorate the interior space by simply reflecting natural or artificial light. Much like minimalist design, light play is a complex architectural style to master, however a really simple light play technique is strategic mirror placement. As show below, mirrors placed opposite each other create a stunning effect. For infinity the mirrors will reflect each other. In a room with minimal decoration, pattern, created through lights reflection from mirror to mirror will instantly stimulate your bathroom. For information on aluminium mirror frames suitable for achieving mesmerising mirror light play, visit Pivotech.

Pivotech minimalist design

5. Feature lines

Line is one of the most powerful design elements in the minimalist style. Hard, straight lines provide structure to space in the most simplistic manner. Don’t be afraid to highlight straight lines within the bathroom. Bath panels, shower screens and mirror frames are perfect lines to feature. When working with a white interior, feature lines provide the opportunity to introduce contrast, avoiding the stark cliché. Feature lines will generate order, structure and form for the interior. For shower screens, bath panels and mirror frames, visit Pivotech to find out more.

Pivotech minimalist design

6. Hardware

Minimalist design is calculated and precise. Every element of your bathroom must have purpose, and must compliment ever other element within the space. It’s somewhat easy to select the tonal theme, the tiles, even the lighting for your bathroom, but select the wrong hardware and your design will fail. Once you select one hardware element, remain consistent across the bathroom. Stay modest and practical, avoid over designed or feature hardware. Select hinges and brackets complimentary to the rest of your composition. For clean lines and exceptional quality, check out the Pivotech bathroom hardware range.

shower enclosure with glass hardware

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