Make your bathroom light and bright

Make your bathroom light and bright

Have you ever wondered why your bathroom looks dark and uninviting when compared with bathroom interiors in glossy magazines and blogs?

Truth time: your bathroom looks and feels drab in comparison, because it probably is. However, don’t for one second believe your bathroom must remain in its current state. No matter what size bathroom, or what level of natural light your interior has, there are some very simple design techniques you can employ to make any interior feel lighter and brighter. Stop cleaning, grooming and relaxing in space that doesn’t feel nice. Drool no more over other interiors, transform your own bathroom into an inspirational space.

Select an appropriate window dressing

Bathrooms are rarely blessed with large windows. What you do with available windows will dramatically impact interior usability and enjoyment. My first rule, don’t fit curtains, blinds or soft furnishings of any kind. These will instantly kill any aspirations of a lighter, brighter bathroom. Fabric will look heavy and cluttered on smaller windows, while also providing little user flexibility. Bathroom windows require adjustable window dressings. Window treatments need to allow plentiful amounts of natural light inside. At the same time privacy must be offered.

Forget frosted glass and decorative film, these two options offer less than curtains and blinds.

Fit windows with louvres or plantation shutters. Fixed within window reveals, plantation shutters have little impact on interior space. Allow as much, or as little light into your bathroom by adjusting louvre blades within shutter frames, or open shutter doors completely.

Instantly transform your bathroom and experience more accommodating light control with plantation shutters. Contact Pivotech to discover their range of kit form aluminium plantation shutters.

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Smoke and mirrors baby!

Most people are aware mirrors assist rooms to appear larger. Mirrors are also incredible tools for creating illusions of light. Highly reflective, mirrors double light. Install mirrors across walls opposite to windows or light surfaces. Mirrors, placed to reflect windows will create an illusion of two external facing windows, and two sources of natural light. For rooms where spacial planning doesn’t allow for this, a light wall or glass shower screen will be effective in creating brighter aspect within your interior. If you’re looking for mirrors, visit Pivotech and discover their aluminium mirror frames. 

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Designer class with glass

Shower curtains are disastrous if you seek to improve light quality. Curtains instantly cut space and prevent natural light from travelling across your interior. Glass shower screens keep bathrooms open. Light, natural or artificial can easily travel through glass and into your entire bathroom space. Shower screens will ensure your bathroom resembles an inspirational design image via light freedom. For an extensive range of shower screens, visit Pivotech 

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Colour correction

Chic interiors in glossy magazines look incredible because they use colour restraint and colour planning to achieve interior composition. Colour restraint involves paring back your colour palette to the bare minimum. Use a crisp cool white as your base tone. Then add no more than two additional colours to your space. Simplicity ensures your bathroom avoids appearing small, cluttered and uninviting.

Colour planning involves selecting colours complimentary to each other, and complimentary to your desired interior aspect. Keep your interior open and inviting with earthy, warm tones, agreeable to your crisp white tonal base. To achieve designer kudos, my suggestion would be; employ shades of olive and pine across towels and other bathroom accessories.

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Fresh as a daisy

You of course don’t have to use daises, but fresh flowers are an easy and cost effective interior decoration hack. For an inviting, bright bathroom, select light coloured blooms. A touch of nature goes a long way in elevating interior space to glossy magazine chic.

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