Modern bathroom designs with frameless glass hardware

Modern bathroom designs with frameless glass hardware

Make a splash with Pivotech Frameless Glass Hardware

More and more, today’s home  bathroom remodelers are leaving behind the old bathtub to invest their budget and square metres on gorgeous showers. One of the favourite choices for new showers is the frameless.

Pivotech’s line of frameless glass hardware delivers strength and performance in a lovely, highly polished package. It allows home owners to make their space beautiful and functional, while controlling costs.

Uninterrupted views with frameless glass hardware

People spend a lot of time incorporating vibrant colours from paint, interesting textures and visual elements from tiles, and elegantly performing hardware into their new bathroom. No one wants their  design vision obstructed by a clunky, old fashioned shower system. Installing a frameless shower enclosure ensures the attention stays where the home owner wants it.

Careful consideration needs to be given to the glass and the frameless glass hardware. By choosing Pivotech, the bathroom transforms into a beautiful oasis to be enjoyed for years. All of our glass hardware has been tested for performance, strength and durability.

Creating a lovely, functional new bathroom also increases the value of the home.

Open up a small space

Making over a bathroom is a great opportunity to open up a smaller space. Frameless glass shower screens increase the feeling of light and air , making the room feel more spacious.

For more tips on making a small bathroom feel larger, visit Pivotech’s Make your bathroom bigger on the inside blog post.

Easier to clean

Freeing the shower from the frame means fewer nooks and crannies that require cleaning.

Keep your frameless glass hardware sparking with a few drops of mild liquid detergent into a cup of warm water applied with a soft cloth. Clean and rinse thoroughly with clear, warm water. Dry thoroughly to eliminate water spots.

Visit this previous Pivotech blog post for more cleaning tips.

Expert advice

Love the look, but not sure how to best incorporate a frameless glass shower enclosure into a bathroom? Call Pivotech and we can connect you with one of our experts.

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