More flexibility now standard with Momentum

More flexibility now standard with Momentum

Maximise Momentum’s opening with the flush pull

Ahhh, the Momentum. So many reasons to love this gorgeous and gorgeously performing semi-frameless shower screen. And now, Pivotech’s made it even better with the flush pull handle.

A standard addition to the Momentum system, the narrow flush pull allows the door to slide completely past the fixed panel, increasing the opening by up to 100mm.


Fitting perfectly into a 47mm opening in the shower door, the stylish curves and polished finish of the flush pull handle offer the ideal complement to the vogue Momentum.

Momentum’s flush pull handle joins its bevy of existing performance and design features:

  • rollers minimise friction and deliver smooth operation of the door
  • ideal design for large, between wall openings
  • soft stops prevent door slamming
  • guides can be disengaged for easier cleaning
  • the mechanism and components are concealed by the slimline, semi-frameless design
  • extremely resistant to water escaping as the door sits below the sill
  • designed to prevent unwanted opening during use
  • easy to install

… and much, much more.

Talk to us today about maximizing your Momentum opening with the flush pull handle.

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