Much ado about bathroom mirrors

Much ado about bathroom mirrors

“Raise the roof” with tall, slender framed mirrors

vertical mirror

You know how choosing vertical details in your wardrobe prompts the eye to look up and down instead of side to side, helping create a taller, more slender appearance? The same is true for your bathroom. Vertical details in the bathroom accentuate ceiling height and help a small bathroom feel more expansive and luxurious.

Add decorative elements to the bathroom to encourage the eyes to move upward from the bath, sink and toilet.  Tall vases or plants, vertical tile designs and vertical paintings are possible choices. But, once again, the hero of the small bathroom is the elegantly framed mirror. Previous Pivotech blog posts have highlighted the ability of a framed mirror to create the illusion of space and increase the light in a small bathroom, but when you choose tall, slender mirrors you also lift the ceiling and inspire a feeling of space above.

Just like wearing a top or dress with horizontal stripes can section your body into blocks and make you appear shorter and wider, horizontally wide and vertically short framed mirrors chop the room height. Using Untitled-2horizontal lines and patterns won’t make the room look wider. In fact, horizontal patterns in a small bathroom can accentuate the lack of space. Big, wide mirrors have their place, but vertical mirrors, that reach to the ceiling, maximise space and result in that sensation of height.

If you’re fortunate two windows in your bathroom, a vertical line of mirrors in between windows will maximize natural sunlight and provide even greater space-defying visuals.

Mirrors, shower screen and bath panel hardware, and shelving hardware can be like bathroom wardrobe and accessory items; accessorize strategically. Mirrors offer a fantastic way to dress up a space; however you want to use them as you would elements in your personal wardrobe. Choosing vertical lines and a tall, thin mirror will help tap into unused space and make your small bathroom look larger and more chic.

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