Pivotech’s growing range of Glass Hardware

Pivotech’s growing range of Glass Hardware

Customers want more frameless glass hardware, Pivotech listens and delivers

Barely six months have passed since Pivotech launched its line for frameless Glass Hardware and already customer demand warrants expanding the range.

The glass hardware range now includes:

  • 6mm horizontal glass flap
  • 6mm fingerpull slider handle
  • 6mm vertical glass flap
  • 6mm vertical bump flap
  • 6mm vertical flap with 15mm leg
  • 150mm round pull handle
  • 6mm square shelf bracket
  • framelss square shower seal
  • 6mm corner magnet closer
  • 6mm 180 degree magnet closer
  • enhanced glass bracket rubber pad

The new glass hardware items will be available to order on PivotPoint within the week. If you’d like more information before then, contact a member of the Pivotech team.

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Our frameless glass hardware is on point with the very popular minimalist bathroom design trend. Engineered for performance and crafted for elegance, these hardware elements really deliver on every level. Easy to maintain, they’re a perfect option for family bathrooms. Subtle and chic, they really shine in an en suite.

As part of Pivotech’s frameless glass hardware range, the new items also feature

  • stunning silver finish
  • accommodates 8 and 10mm glass
  • wrap and packaging to protect the finish
  • durable hinge mechanism
  • stainless steel hex head screws
  • unique self-centering spring mechanism
  • square cut, square edge hinges and brackets
  • sleek knobs, pull handles and towel rails
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