Practical and pretty, louvres find their place in the sun

Practical and pretty, louvres find their place in the sun

Plantation shutters evolve from mere technical device to primary design element

People continue to incorporate architectural elements into their homes that deliver greater levels of sustainable performance. However, they want these features to work with their overall design and decor goals. Pivotech plantation shutters strike that elusive balance between form and function, and give today’s Australian homeowner everything they want.

Pivotech louvres offer an excellent means of temperature control and natural (or passive) ventilation. They allow fresh air and light in, while keeping out direct sunlight, rain and noise. Plantation shutters made from high quality aluminium deliver added benefits of increased security, privacy and durability in both indoor and outdoor, residential and commercial applications. Our product design team guided the evolution of Pivotech louvre systems from mere technical, architectural devices to genuine design elements for the home.

Versatile, practical and pretty, plantation shutters can be incorporated into modern or traditional designs and customised to the taste and style of each family.

Benefits of aluminium plantation shutters

  • Greater control of light coming into the home
  • Increased temperature control
  • Excellent means of natural or passive ventilation
  • Energy smart
  • Privacy
  • Improved safety for young children and pets
  • Home security
  • More durable and needing less maintenance
  • Easy to clean
  • Ideal for people with allergies and asthma
  • Fresh and stylish designs
  • Easy to install

  • Sound absorption benefits
  • Strong, light weight, resistant to corrosion

Benefits for the home

Plantation shutters bring low maintenance elegance to any room in the home.

For people wanting to create an indoor/outdoor kitchen, very popular in home remodels, plantation louvres are a must. In traditional kitchens, Pivotech’s aluminium shutters are easily wiped clean when incidents of over-enthusiastic cooking lead to a bit of splatter. They won’t trap oils and odors like fibers in fabrics do.

In living spaces, louvre systems help diffuse light and control bright spots in a way curtains and drapes cannot. Everyone seems to have that one chair that no one can sit in during certain times of the day because the sun glare is just too intense. Plantation shutters let you reclaim that spot without completely blocking out the light.

More light is always a plus in the bathroom; privacy is of utmost importance, too. Plantation shutters score on both points, and they stand up to the harsh bathroom environment. Expertly installed and louvres perform perfectly for years in the warm, wet, soap-filled room.

Plantation shutters offer bedrooms a way to safely leave windows open and keep air flowing without compromising security.

Elegant design

Pivotech offers several style options to be mixed and matched with our range of colour choices. Plantation shutter configurations include:

  • Hinged Louvre panels
  • Bi-fold Louvre panels
  • Fixed Louvre panels
  • Sliding Louvre panels

Choose from 90mm or 115mm operable blades for each panel.

The evolution continues

Originally designed to deliver light and temperature control, ventilation, and security, plantation shutters evolved to offer more decorative benefits. Due to the numerous benefits they offer, louvre systems will continue to be incorporated in architecture at the forefront of sustainable design.

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