Prepare your guest bathroom for the holiday season

Prepare your guest bathroom for the holiday season

I don’t mean to scare anyone, but yesterday was exactly one month until Christmas.

In no time at all the festive season will be knocking on the door, and so too will your holiday guests. So many of us provide accommodation for friends and family at Christmas. This holiday season, treat your house guests to a fresh and functional guest bathroom. Guest bathrooms are traditionally difficult to style and design. They are often small spaces and because they’re rarely used, in comparison to other rooms, they become neglected. This December, stop spare bathroom neglect and try some of these ideas to rejuvenate and prepare for holiday house guests.

1. Make it memorable

Guest bathrooms are perfect canvas’ for letting creativity run wild. Incorporate pattern and colour into walls and floors to create a dynamic and memorable interior space. Use summer fruit inspired colours such as lemon, lime and mango to ensure a happy and upbeat holiday interior.

Trend tip: For an alternative to traditional painted plasterboard and tiles, dress your bathroom walls with printed wallpaper. 


2. Open small space

Guest bathrooms are notoriously small. Often natural light is non-existent or accessible only via small openings. Ensure your space avoids looking like a dungeon by employing the following strategies:

  • Swap out shower curtains for bath panels or glass shower screens. Pivotech have an extensive range of aluminium framed glass shower screens, perfect for keeping space open and light. Visit Pivotech here.
  • Use light coloured ceiling paint to give the impression of greater space.
  • Build storage into wall cavities to minimise impact on usable floor space.
  • Install a skylight to increase natural light.


3. Create a room you would want

My pet peeve is using impractical bathrooms. While guest space is not used as often as other rooms within the home, it should still offer practicality. Guests will need to bathe and groom, make sure your bathroom offers what is needed for these activities. The following are essential to creating functional guest space:

  • A quality shower head you would want to shower under. 
  • A floor to ceiling mirror, or torso mirror.
  • Quality artificial lighting and exhaust fans for grooming.
  • Hooks and rails for towels and clothing.


4. Storage

Staying with friends or family always feels more like home than a hotel room, but guests still feel like they’re living out of a suitcase, because reality is – they are. Help guests feel as at home as possible and provide dedicated bathroom storage. Make sure storage space is left empty for their arrival and notify them which draws or cupboards are available.

Trend tip: Hanging baskets are a quirky and effective way to incorporate more bathroom storage. Hanging storage is easy to access and it avoids guests feeling like they are intruding or prying by needing to open cupboards and draws.


5. Sweet treats

Sorry, no lollies here, I’m talking sweet bathroom treats! Invest in nice hand soap and shower gel to make your guests feel special. Fresh flowers and fluffy soft towels provide that ‘feels like home’ touch, and are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on your holiday guests.


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