Privacy screens: a home’s perfect accessory

Privacy screens: a home’s perfect accessory

Aluminium privacy screens: With style, thermal and acoustic performance benefits, and (of course) privacy, what’s not to love?

Louvre Installations 012Expertly designed, manufactured and installed aluminium privacy screens deliver a bountiful list of performance and style benefits. The applications go on and on. From carports and garages, to sun rooms, patios and decks, to rubbish bins and air conditioning units, to fencing and window screens, aluminium privacy screens enhance almost any home. Plus, they offer a fantastic return on investment thanks to their practicality, durability and easy good looks.


Often (not always, but pretty much most of the time), homeowner’s motivation for installing a privacy screen is increasing privacy. Blocks are getting smaller and smaller and finding ways to maximise the living space of a home is getting more and more important.

Privacy screens protect a property and people from unwanted attention, without completely blocking off the space like a full wall does. The kids can safely play and green thumbs can work away in the front garden free from unwanted interruptions.

Privacy screens for carports offer enhanced security, as well as privacy, making the space more usable for projects and storage.

Thermal benefits

If you’re investing in improving the thermal performance of your home, privacy screens and louvre systems may be a solid bet. Rooms within a home with west-facing facades facing often become unusable in summer.

Privacy screens diffuse solar radiation and reduce heat gain, particularly for east and west facing facades. They help keep a home cooler in summer by taking the brunt of the UV rays and shading the home. However, the blades still allow light and airflow through, and welcome in the winter sun.

Louvre Installations 006Acoustic benefits

Aluminium privacy screens form an acoustic barrier and help reduce environmental noise outside the home or property. Engineered to admit light and air, but to keep out rain, direct sunlight and noise privacy screens can increase the usuable space of a home.

Style your own personal outdoor meditation and yoga retreat or create an inviting outdoor entertaining area thanks to the privacy and noise minimising  properties of privacy screens.


You want a privacy screen that provides privacy and performance without blocking light or airflow. And, you want it to look good. By choosing aluminium for your privacy screen, you open up your style and design options significantly without limiting your performance objectives.

Pivotech privacy screens are

  • durable
  • colourful
  • expansive blade size options
  • insulative properties
  • strong
  • light

Beyond looking great on their own, privacy screens can be used to discretely camouflage unsightly features around your home like water tanks, bins and sheds. Strategic screening makes your home look more attractive overall.

Chose your privacy screen correctly to improve your property’s overall aesthetics, as well as home value. The installation of a privacy screen transforms your outdoors into a shaded and welcoming area, while simultaneously adding to your home’s resale value.

Increase usable space

Space in a home always feels scarce. Most families want more, but are limited by their budgets. Privacy screens allow your to make the most of your outdoor areas and create a budget-friendly outdoor living area. Minimum investment, maximum impact.

Privacy screens let you create a safe outdoor area for children to play in the fresh air, even on rainy days. Install privacy screens just outside the back patio door and kids can play out there anytime in a closed and safe environment.

Australians love time spent out of doors. Privacy screens allow for greater enjoyment of yard and garden space.

Privacy, performance and style

Chose privacy screens to increase the privacy and security of your home, while also gaining good looks and fantastic performance.

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