Pure and crisp – the white bathroom

Pure and crisp – the white bathroom

White is viewed as the fail proof interior colour scheme. For professionals and design novices, white is a go to shade.

Why is white so popular? White has a solid reputation as the shade that won’t date, has majority appeal, and it goes with everything. White is well suited to the bathroom, it connotes cleanliness and purity, generating an enjoyable aesthetic.

Crisp, fresh and widely used, at first glance, working in white seems to be a no brainer. But, be careful renovators, don’t be fooled into thinking white is an easy design solution. There is a comfort associated with white, and the danger of working in comfort zones, is the creation of unimaginative and mundane interior spaces. Let it be know, there is more to successfully working with white than splashing it across every surface. Avoid the dangers of white, and enjoy it’s beauty, with these simple techniques, guaranteed to result in a visually stimulating and successful bathroom design.

1. Fill the gap

White tiles have the potential to look fabulous. Provide tiled walls and floors with a contemporary edge, and select a dark grey, or black grout. Dark grout is one of this years biggest bathroom trends, and it looks set to stay cool for quite some time. The contrast between the two shades, provides depth and definition to an otherwise flat tiled surface area. Dark grout provides the opportunity to introduce subtle splashes of black or grey as feature colours,  lifting the interior and securing visual stimulation.

Pivotech dark grout_whitebathroom

2. Seeing double

There is always the potential to use mirrors in bathroom décor. Mirrors suit no other interior better, than a white bathroom. Mirrors empower the interior  with a dynamic sense of depth, without breaking the intended colour scheme. The purity of a white bathroom, means mirrors can reflect the interior without overcrowding or overstimulating the experience. Slim aluminium framed mirrors will keep your design clean and sophisticated. Aluminium framed mirrors don’t detract from the mirror material itself, and are therefore ideal. For a range of aluminium mirror frames, visit Pivotech for more information.

Strategic placement of mirrors not only make the space appear twice as large, it also make the space look twice as interesting.

White-Bathroom with mirrors_Pivotech

3. Brassy and classy

Bring some A grade chic into your bathroom décor by contrasting white walls, floors and ceilings, with gold or brass fixtures. This elegant design resolution, creates contrast and sophistication.

pivotech white bathroom gold

4. Don’t break it

When working in a pure white one must be strategic in the selection of non white elements, (this includes the consideration of dark grout). Before starting on the physical application of your design, firmly decide if your are creating a pure white room, or a white interior with accent colours. If your intention is an exclusive palette,  avoid breaking the aesthetic, and select a flameless shower screen with clear glass. A sophisticated option,  it provides the opportunity for the eye to glide effortlessly through the room, uninterrupted. To learn more about frameless shower screen glass hardware and what might work in your bathroom, visit Pivotech. 


5. Tile texture

I often talk about visual texture. In most interiors, visual texture is key to the success of the space. A white bathroom is no exception. I would go as far to say, in white interiors, visual texture is the most important design element. Working in pure white, or with accent colours, you can’t rely on lots of colour to provide interest and contrast. Visual texture will make or break white bathroom design. A simple and easy method to introduce visual texture, is through geometric 3D tiles. Apply throughout the interior, or across a feature wall, to ensure a rich sense of depth and texture.

white bathroom texture tile_Pivotech

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