Seven things every chic bathroom has

Seven things every chic bathroom has

Chic bathrooms don’t just happen. Research, understanding of design styles and product knowledge are all required to achieve a well composed space.

Being chic is not about following trends, it’s about being timeless. One must carefully select what to include and identify what to leave out. Understanding of your own style, product availability and space functionality, will allow you to create a bathroom even the most experienced interior designers would envy.

While I suggest you always conduct thorough research into bathroom style and products, here are seven elements every chic bathroom has, think of these as a starting guide, an indication of key investment pieces, areas of thought and what to include or not include.

1. Frameless glass shower screen

Nothing is more chic than seeing nothing at all. Showers are prone to dominating bathrooms, they require a significant amount of floor space and have a tendency to appear bulky. The chic bathroom understands feature tiles and investment baths should pull focus, not shower cavities. Avoid attracting too much unwanted attention, select sliding, hinge and fixed panel frameless glass hardware. Indulge the look further by opting for level entry access over traditional shower bases. Pivotech offer an extensive range of frameless glass hardware, visit Pivotech for more information.

2. Feature tile

White, white, white – it’s all too easy to use white tiles with white paint, with white ceramics. True chicness, means sporting a little old fashion bravery, and daring to be different. A bold Moroccan inspired tile, or for those who would like to stick with monochromatic, a geometric 3D tile will give your bathroom serious design credibility.


3. Lots of sunlight

Natural light will dramatically effect how your bathroom aesthetic is received. Minimal, or no natural light, no matter how many other stylish elements your room has, will leave the interior looking drab and feeling unwelcome. Chic designers are savvy designers, consider highlight windows and skylights, they allow maximum sunlight without compromising privacy or interior wall space.


4. Lots of artificial light

Your room might be flooded with light during the day, but what about early morning and evening? Achieving true chicness is about showing your ability to think about space. Consider how and when your bathroom is used. Bathrooms are used for showering and brushing teeth, but also for shaving, applying make-up and many other maintenance tasks that need exceptional light. These tasks are often conducted in the evening or early morning. Don’t get left in the dark! A central light source is a must, but so too is vanity lighting, cabinet LED lights, and if you feel like splurging, treat your interior to dedicated shower cavity lighting.


5. Unique tapware

You will never regret investing in designer tap ware. Quality provide you longevity and design will provide a point of difference. Select your finish – chrome, brass, volcanic composite, then look for products with interesting lines, ways of operation, or play with scale to take your bathroom chicness to the next level.


6. Stone bath

Chic bathrooms need feature baths, there’s no arguing this point. You can’t go past stone bathware. Timeless, natural and available in so many different colours, shapes and sizes – the stone bath is a must.


7. Clear sense of style

Failure occurs is any interior when style direction is not clear. Identify your style identity and stick with it. Try not to get distracted by “of the moment trends”, mixing and matching will create confusion within your interior – immediately weakening chic credibility. Being chic is about being confident, stay true to your style and you will never go out of fashion.

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