The Bachelor Bathroom

The Bachelor Bathroom

Recently I’ve lost a significant amount of time to the reality television show, The Bachelor. The show follows a single successful man in his early thirties, who hopes to find love by dating  women from the programs pool of available ladies. While I’m ashamed to share this secrete obsession, for what is undeniably a ridiculous reality program, I share this secrete today because The Bachelor has got me thinking about the life of a thirty something bachelor. The Bachelor (in the generic social sense, not the television show) must find himself at a point in life where he can really enjoy life’s luxuries. In his home, he no doubt seeks a contemporary living space, accommodating to his lifestyle and reflective of his personality.

Today’s bathroom feature, The Bachelor Bathroom, will reveal my top tips to creating  a masculine, sophisticated bathroom, with timeless charm.

1. The Rock

This has nothing to do with Dwayne Johnson, and everything to do with stone.  The natural pattern inherent to  stone provides subtle visual texture. If you’re worried about ‘over decorating’, using products with natural pattern is an effective way to achieve contrast and depth without over doing your design. Select a tonal rich slate or marble to finish your walls and floors. Brown and grey colour palettes provide a refreshing masculine alternative to black and white schemes


2. Sophisticated Simplicity

Never underestimate the power of simple design, specially when trying to achieve a contemporary ‘bachelor pad’ aesthetic. Avoid confusion in your bathroom by sticking to these rules:

  • Angular shapes: Angular shapes create crisp ordered space. Angles encourage structure and professionalism, shape is a fantastic design element to employ when trying to achieve a masculine feel within a space.
  • Monochromatic: Keep your colour palette small. Select one colour, and work with shades and tones within the colour range to provide contrast and interest. You will be amazed at the volume of shades and tones you have to choose from, and how different one colour can look.
  • Clean lines:  Enhance sophistication by keeping space free from visual interruption. A frame-less glass shower screen such as the Pheonix sill-less screen from Pivotech, effectively reduces visual interruption. For more information on Phoenix, click here to visit Pivotech.

Pivotech_The Bachelor Bathroom

3. Make space work for you

Male or female, we all make mess. The bathroom is one of those spaces always in need of a clean or tidy. The ultimate bachelor bathroom (or any bathroom for that matter) should be low maintenance and user-friendly. Storage plays a large role in achieving this. If you’re planning a bathroom renovation, dedicate some time to effective storage design and planning. Make a list of everything you need to store in your bathroom. Use this list to determine how much storage you are going to need, and what type of storage. My number one tip is to always choose closable storage systems. When life gets messy, the ability to hide bathroom clutter is something you will be thankful for.

Pivotech_The Bachelor Bathroom2

4. Masculine Prints

Keeping your bathroom design simple is one option to achieving a masculine bathroom, however if you’re a little more daring, apply a graphic wall paper to all, or some of your interior walls. Wallpaper is one of the easiest ways to instantly transform a bathroom. While the thought of patterned paper across your walls might seem scary, select a geometric print in contrasting neutral tones for timeless masculine designer style.

Pivotech_The Bachelor Bathroom

5. Dapper Decor

Harness your inner Don Draper, travel back in time to a period of sophistication and class. Let your bathroom express the refined gentleman in you. Combine deep mahogany, black ,brass and gold fixtures, finishes and accessories to create the ultimate dapper bathroom. Transform your space into a truly experiential room with the addition a a leather armchair and some quirky accessories, such as a vintage shaving mirror. Dapper décor, the style that will never go out of style.

Pivotech_The Bachelor Bathroom4

Image Source: Allseasonshomeimprovement, Kimont, Homeandstone, Interiorsbycolour, interiorsbystudiom

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