The creative genius of your shower screen

The creative genius of your shower screen

The simplest of shower screens can inspire the most creative ideas

A shower creates the perfect environment to unleash your mind’s problem-solving, creative-thinking brilliance. Maximise the power of the shower with a shower screen or enclosure that inspires, too.

We’ve reviewed the Pivotech shower screens and identified some of the ways they can help nudge your mind in the direction of fresh ideas.


With its semi-frameless design, the Evolution inspires. You feel less boxed in and you metaphorically release your mind to wander outside usual boundaries.


Famous for its high quality and value, the Dimension offers a worry-free oasis. Your mind isn’t troubled by thoughts of a poorly performing door handle or pivot hinge, and it moves on to contemplate other things.


As a flexible, prefabricated shower screen the Optima can be ordered and installed quickly. This rapid turnaround means you spend less time waiting for your new shower and more time thinking creatively in the shower.


Another semi-frameless option, the modern sophistication of Neptune boosts your brain power in a jiffy.


The mechanism and components of Momentum are hidden by its slimline design. You free your shower enclosure of clutter and free your brain of cluttering thoughts, too.

Go with the flow: a few reasons why your daily shower bolsters your brain power

The shower enclosure creates the perfect environment to coax out your brain’s underdeveloped creative genius, but why? Here are a few reasons:

  • a little alone time allows you to reflect in quite
  • a shower helps people relax; relaxing releases dopamine
  • white noise created by flowing water blocks out external distractions
  • most people shower in the morning or at night; these times of day usually accompany our creative peak
  • in general, water, like a river or stream, inspires contemplation
  • the creative mind loves ritual
  • a shower helps reinvigorate, waking the mind and body
  • the relaxed mind is allowed to wander
  • 10 minutes of no interruptions gives the mind room to ponder, the shower is (usually) an email, text, voice mail-free zone
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