The indoor/outdoor bathroom

The indoor/outdoor bathroom

Alfresco entertainment space and fluid movement between interior and exterior, are widely acknowledged as desirable design features for the modern Australian home. Have you ever considered bringing the outdoors, indoors, and into your bathroom?

Creating an indoor/outdoor bathroom is a daring design direction. It’s a fresh and unexpected approach to bathroom design, guaranteed to leave any guest, and probably even yourself, speechless. This design project might at first seem challenging. Traditionally flexible threshold design is reserved for living and entertaining space. So how exactly do you translate this concept into functional bathroom design?

Key to mastering this trend, is to first understand it requires total commitment. Most likely you will need to alter wall, window and door placement. This is not for the faint-hearted, and is a world away from purchasing new towels or tapware. However I assure you, if you’re game, you won’t regret committing to this trend. Here is my advice on how to perfect the indoor/outdoor bathroom.

1. Flexible void space

If you’re ready to dive into an indoor/outdoor bathroom, use void space to transform spacial dynamics. Voids provide amazing opportunity to introduce light and nature inside. Voids remedy small dark bathrooms. Instantly feel open and connected with outside via this design direction. Position voids close to your shower, doubling their functionality as an exhaust fan. For colder months or rainy days, build flexibility into your design via a retractable roof, or consider a pivot style door to create a contemporary and visually interesting barrier between interior and exterior space.

Pivotech indoor_outdoor bathroom

2. Incorporate a courtyard

Often bathrooms are located to the side of a residential structure, and often homes have small passages down each side of the main house.  Use this additional external space to landscape a small bathroom courtyard. Full height glass sliding doors will seamlessly connect an internal bathroom with it’s very own external courtyard. The room will feel instantly larger and lighter as it expands to include a trendy landscaped garden.

Pivotech indoor_outdoor bathroom 2

3. Glass, glass, glass

If operable windows, doors or ceiling voids are not your thing, and privacy allows, use fixed glazing to create the illusion of outdoor space, inside. Enjoy an ever changing wallpaper, made by nature with a glass bathroom wall. Marry glass walls with an aluminium framed shower screen for a minimalist, modern design aesthetic. Pivotech offers a range of aluminium shower screen frames, perfect for an application such as this. Find out more here.

Pivotech indoor_outdoor bathroom 3

4. An excuse to indulge

Indoor/outdoor bathrooms generate connotations of luxury. Your bathroom will hold a rare sense of exotic mystery, mixed with residential practicality. Embrace exclusivity by incorporating an impressive bath into your space. Recessed concrete systems sit perfectly under large windows enhancing seamless lines from inside to out. Just imagine looking outside soaking within the privacy of your own home – life would be so lush!

Pivotech indoor_outdoor bathroom 4

 5. A less dramatic option

So far, I have been suggesting major home alterations. If you find yourself on a budget, renting, or you’re not ready to knock holes into walls, give the impression of an indoor/outdoor bathroom, and bring some of the outdoors inside. Stand out from the pack, consider an air plant collection over traditional vases and floral arrangements. Air plants are low maintenance, take up little space, and look fantastic when displayed in hanging glass bubbles.

Pivotech inside_outside bathroom 5

6. So you want a little more…

Feeling motivated right now for an indoor/outdoor experience? Bring outside in by treating yourself to a relaxing dried flower bath.

2 tablespoons dried chamomile daisies
• 2 tablespoons dried rosebuds
• 2 tablespoons dried lavender flowers
• 2 tablespoons dried hops flowers

1. Mix together dried flowers. Store in a clean glass jar or resealable plastic bag.

2. To use: Place dried flowers in the center of a square of cotton fabric. Secure the ends with a rubber band or bit of cotton string. Place in the bath, as you fill your tub,  allow scented flowers to steep in the warm water.

3. Hop in and relax.

(Source: Mother Earth Living)

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