The low down on the frame up: framed, semi-frameless and frameless shower screens

The low down on the frame up: framed, semi-frameless and frameless shower screens

Framed, semi-frameless or fully frameless shower enclosures, the choice is yours

Pivotech offers an expansive range of shower screen options. Most of this time, this is fantastic for people. Sometimes, however, people feel overwhelmed by choice.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the designs and options of Pivotech shower screens, my advice? Take a deep breath and start with the frame.

Shower enclosures come in three frame styles – fully framed, semi-frameless and fully frameless. Beyond the very different appearance of the three, each shower screen offers different benefits in terms of ease of cleaning, finish options, configurations and price point.

Framed shower screens

Dimension white HeroFully framed shower enclosures offer excellent strength and proven performance, as well as expansive design options. Each panel of glass is supported by an extrusion of aluminium available in a range of finishes. The shower maintains a solid form that lends itself to a multitude of design configurations. This flexibility means a shower screen can be created that’s perfect for every bathroom, large or small.

Fully framed shower doors are popular choice for busy family bathrooms.

Pivotech fully framed shower screens combine ease of installation with quality components. Our customers rely on the durability and value for price these shower units offer.

The Dimension series, one of Pivotech’s most popular framed shower enclosure designs, is an ideal choice for the value-conscious builder or renovator. It provides Pivotech quality in a flexible, long-lasting and affordable design.

In general framed shower screens deliver an ideal option for busy family bathrooms and budget conscious buyers.

Semi-frameless shower screens

image of Pivotech Evolution shower enclosureSemi-frameless shower screens are framed, but in a more subtle way. Aluminium extrusions frame the perimeter of the screen, the top and bottom, but not around the door or every panel of glass like with a fully-framed shower screen. The result is a more sophisticated, but still durable design.

Semi-frameless shower enclosures are usually a lower cost option than fully frameless shower screens, with a more contemporary look than a fully framed shower screen. The engineered construction and sealing of semi-frameless shower screens ensure minimal water leakage from an enclosure. Home owners choose them for a visually clean, high performing shower screen at a lower cost than a fully frameless option.

The Evolution series, one of Pivotech’s semi-frameless shower screens, are designed to adapt to numerous applications and configurations.

Easy to clean and strong, semi-frameless shower enclosures perform beautifully  in stylish family bathrooms and en suites.

Frameless shower screens

image of Pivotech Glass Hardware installedFully frameless shower screens and enclosures have no framing around any of the glass panels. The panels are held in place using special brackets or fixings where the panels meet the wall and floor. Frameless shower enclosures deliver a modern, minimalist decor, so popular with home owners today.

With no aluminium extrusions framing the glass panels, frameless shower screens are easier to clean and maintain than traditional framed or semi-frameless shower enclosures.

A frameless shower screen usually requires a higher initial investment than other shower screen types, but the open, airy feel creates a timeless, sophisticated look.

Pivotech’s line of frameless glass hardware provides the perfect finish for these shower screens.

Shower enclosures can defy gravity with the strength and elegance of Pivotech’s Glass Hardware line. Tested for durability and engineered to be ahead of trend, our Glass Hardware brings an airy sensibility to bathrooms.

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