Tips for finding your perfect Pivotech wardrobe match

Tips for finding your perfect Pivotech wardrobe match

What to consider when choosing a new wardrobe

Everyone knows what a wardrobe should do: store clothing or household items, contribute to a home’s overall design sensibility and last for years and years of heavy use. Pivotech wardrobes offer practical storage solutions in stylish, high performing systems.

Size matters

A wardrobe’s size should primarily be determined by the size of the space in which it will live and how and what will be stored inside.

Give deliberate attention to where it is in the room and where other furniture will be placed in the room. Too often, wardrobes are installed with little thought given to how they fit into the overall flow of a room and they end up limiting the larger design plan.

Traffic flow isn’t an issue for Pivotech wardrobe’s sliding doors. A standard for many reach-in closets, sliding doors come in a variety of styles and finishes, mirrored or vinyl coated plasterboard panels.


One of the most important thing to consider is the sturdiness of the materials used to fabricate your wardrobe. Pivotech’s aluminium wardrobe frames are strong and light; they look great and deliver fantastic performance for years.

They also readily lend themselves to a beautiful finish that works with any decor.


When it comes to the finish of your Pivotech wardrobe, instead of fad or trendy finishes, focus on what coordinates with the homes overall style and won’t make a room look dated. For a traditional design style, brushed or polished metal finishes work best. For a more contemporary look, enameled and gloss-metal shine will match better.

Handles are also available in a variety of designs, colors and finish.


Pivotech wardrobe’s come in several different profiles to accommodate different price points. All offer the same commitment to quality Pivotech is known for.

Once you have designed the perfect Pivotech wardrobe for your storage needs and design preferences, ensure it works for you for you for years.

Space: waste not, want not

Wardrobes exist for storage, so maximise every millimetre, from floor to the ceiling.

Baskets, bins, high and low shelving, drawers, pull-out containers, and racks all store different items, from things you use daily to items that only come out during certain holidays or seasons.  You may not need the space right now, but probably will in the future. Claim it today.

Shine some light on the subject

Good lighting within the wardrobe allows you to really see what’s in there and find what you need, when you need it.

Fluorescent lights help you see into dark corners and the recesses of large drawers. If they’re an option, the natural light of skylights and windows can be good, but be vigilant to possible colour fade that prolonged exposure to sunlight can fade colors and damage fabrics. Ideally you should have light coming from a variety of angles. If it all comes from overhead or behind you, then it will cast dark shadows that hinder rather than enhance your visibility.

Accommodate your personal habits

Rolled socks need less space than bunched ones. Stacked shirts fit in smaller areas than ones that are hung up. If you’re a blue jeans and tee shirt kind of person, then drawers and shelves will probably be more helpful than poles or hooks. Keep these things in mind when deciding on the best organizational design for your needs.

Take a seat

Storage seats offer a great option for letting you sit down to put on socks and shoes while delivering long-term or seasonal storage.

A reflection of you

Choosing mirrored wardrobe doors allows you to see yourself in different outfits and saves time of running back and forth to the bathroom.

Keep things fresh

Fight back against mold and mildew with ventilation. Stale, stagnant air attracts spores. A fan, air purifier or dehumidifier, keeps the air moving and helps prevent moisture, mold spores and moths from finding a home in your wardrobe and in your clothing.

Wardrobes today are all about options and serving as tools to complement your lifestyle. You want to be practical to keep things functional, but infuse some imagination so it fits in with your personal sense of style.

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