Walk The Block walk with a walkin shower

Walk The Block walk with a walkin shower

For anyone into home renovation, The Block Glasshouse is no doubt one show you can’t live without.

The Block is a fantastic resource to preview just how effective, or not effective, the latest interior design trends are in reality.  I’ll admit it, I’m a pretty big fan of the show, and a couple of weeks ago I was fortunate enough to be invited on a private tour of the apartment block, prior to the public inspection last Saturday. While photos were not permitted, my Block sneak peak was a fantastic opportunity to experience each space, and notice key styling trends within the apartments.

One bathroom trend consistent across each apartment was the flush threshold, level entry shower. All bar one of The Block couples employed this design strategy. Walkin showers not only provide ease of access, they also open a fantastic opportunity to play with materiality and space, enhancing overall bathroom design. A level entry shower, executed successfully, will instantly open a bathroom interior, providing true designer chic. It’s very easy to understand why this bathroom trend has been so widely adopted.

Renovators beware: the idea of a walkin shower seems simple, but remember, just like any bathroom trend, there are things to note to ensure installation is effective and aesthetically pleasing.

1. Make your room bigger with glass

The first major point to acknowledge regarding walkin showers – they require more floor space compared to a standard shower base. Avoid your shower dominating, or cutting your room in half, opt for a framesless glass shower screen, or semi-frameless glass panel. The transparent quality of glass will ensure openness is maintained. This is especially important if you’re working in a small bathroom space.

Below you can see how Chris and Jenna, from The Block, used a frameless glass panel to create a level entry walkin shower. Their space was narrow, the use of glass prevents the interior from feeling small and crowded. For a range of glass hardware suitable for frameless shower panels, visit Pivotech.

Pivotech_Block bathrooms walkin shower

2. Use materiality to define space

With no traditional shower base, and a glass shower panel, your interior runs the risk of looking undefined and potentially dull. Walkin showers provide an exciting opportunity to play with materiality. Don’t be dull, define space through shape, texture, colour and pattern.

Use contrasting tiles to define location within your bathroom, or simply create visual interest with a graphic tile. Below Block contestants, Simon and Shannon, use three different tiles to ensure their interior remains visually dynamic and defined.


3. Linear lines

An absolute MUST for all level entry showers is a linear drain. The image below shows Brad and Dale’s master bathroom shower. To ensure minimal disruption to the tile pattern and clean lines within the room, a linear drain runs along the entry length of the shower – it’s almost invisible. The grate design has a cavity for the floor tiles to sit within, the water runs down either side of the tile, where traditionally we would see a grout line. Linear grates will ensure your walkin shower is exactly what you dreamt. Never see a drain or grate again and maintain a flush threshold.

Pivotech walkin showers

4. Allow for luxury

If your heart is set on installing a walkin shower, I encourage you to really commit to design and make a real statement. Indulge a little. Select a stand out graphic tile, opt for a feature pendant light and invest in some new fluffy towels. A level entry shower is luxury at home, embrace the trend, and transform your bathroom into your favourite room. Darren and Deanne’s bathroom design below provides inspiration for anyone considering a unique décor with a hint of luxury.


Image Source: KatrinaChambers


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